Cat paws

Welcome to the London Cat Safari

This is a cat-themed 16 mile do-it-yourself bicycle tour around central London.

Cat tail

This ride takes in 35 cat-related stops along its cat-shaped route.

It's possible to visit more cat attractions, and it's possible to have a more cat-shaped route, but I think this route is a good compromise between the two.

I created this interactive website as a reference point which you can use before, during or after the ride. You can enable your location on the map page if you need help finding the attractions whilst out.

The route

This route covers a lot of streets in central London. Some are quiet roads, and some are busy, so pay attention to the traffic and please look after yourself! You are riding at your own risk.

You will come across some roadworks along the way. It's generally easier to get off and walk past them rather than follow the road diversion.

In Shoreditch the route takes you along a footbridge ('Pedley Street Arch') over a railway. If you don't fancy hefting your bike up and down steps, please follow the diversion I've marked over on the map page. Note, if you are recording the route for Strava Art and take the step-free diverison, this will give your cat have a strange protruding forehead! To avoid this, pause and then resume your ride when you are back on the main route.

The course is a loop, so in theory you can start anywhere along the course, however my recommended starting point is Westminster Bridge.

Strava art

If you are recording your route via Strava or similar, be sure to start a new route when starting the ride and stop it when you finish, to ensure your commute doesn't add to the drawing!

Also if you are drawing the route, don't get too hung up on following it exactly - the final cat isn't a perfect cat-shape so a few variances here and there won't matter at all. The main thing is to stay safe and enjoy the ride.

Route downloads

The route can be viewed on the map page, but you may also like to follow the route on a GPS device, in which case the following links will be useful:

Note the map page on this site can show you your location in relation to the cat locations whilst you are on the course, just click this symbol on the map on a smartphone: Location

Hard copy

If you need to print out the text, you can grab a PDF of the guide. Although, note the guide on this site is probably easier to view.


I hope you have fun exploring the route, discovering a slice of London, and dabbling in 'Strava Art'. If you have any comments on the route, want to share your experience or photos, please don't hesitate to tag me in your Strava ride, or simply get in touch.